Impact Stories



Charles had a stable job as a security guard, allowing him to maintain the household he shared with his wife and two children. This changed when he had a bad fall at work, resulting in a broken right vertebra....Learn More



Lucinda is a Veteran of the post-Vietnam era having served in the US Army as a Private Second Class in Germany from 1980 – 1983. Due to a recent breast cancer diagnosis and mounting medical bills, Lucinda fell behind on...Learn More



Vivian owns her home and cares for her young grandson. She initially came to UESF due to problems with her water usage, but was referred to a UESF BenePhilly counselor to identify any benefits she could be eligible to...Learn More



Shelby was trying hard to make ends meet as a single mother of two children.  Following a legal battle over a landlord repair dispute, she and her children were evicted from their home, and with no place to go,...Learn More

Lashon and Glen


Lashon and Glen are homeowners who reside with their three children.  With their limited income from employment and benefits, they found it difficult to always make ends meet.  When the family was referred to UESF’s Utility Housing Stabilization Program,...Learn More



Joyce is a homebound senior on a fixed income, caring for her nephew, whose mother recently passed away.  Joyce had been referred to UESF due to her high water usage and difficulty paying water bills.  During a home visit...Learn More



Rouguiatou never planned on ending up in a shelter with her three children. But when a financial hardship caused her to lose her home, she and her children had no other place to go. While working with the City’s Office of...Learn More



Deanna is a homeowner who resides with her adult daughter and grandson.  When she came to UESF, Deanna was awaiting approval for disability benefits, and had fallen behind on several utility and housing expenses. She had leaks in her...Learn More



Hiawatha is a proud Veteran of the United States Navy, having served as a Seaman Recruit from 1978 to 1982. Due to several years of expenses which exceeded his income, a severe financial setback resulted in the loss of Hiawatha’s...Learn More

Ms. M.


Ms. M. had a good job at a local retailer, which allowed her to stay current on her bills.  However, a combination of health issues and widespread layoffs by her employer caused her to lose her job.  Unable to...Learn More



Following a long illness, Jeff discovered that while he had been in a coma, he had been the victim of credit card theft—resulting in a debt of $18,000 on his card. Dealing with medical bills as well as the...Learn More