Veteran Engagement Partner

Job Summary
The Veteran Engagement Partner (VEP) will work under the supervision of the SSVF Program Director.  The VEP will identify and recruit low-income Veterans and Veteran families who are experiencing literal homelessness or are imminently homeless, and at risk of losing their homes. 

The VEP will be able to navigate the veteran support and homeless community, have a desire to assist and engage vulnerable veteran families with the goal of connecting them to the SSVF program and other supports, and will understand the structure and priorities of the SSVF program.


  • Identify low-income Veterans and Veteran families who are homeless and imminently homeless and are in need of Housing Stabilization Services. This includes street outreach both alone and in teams during any hours of the day or night.
  • Work alongside the SSVF Outreach and Resource Coordinator in order to identify locations and agencies where low-income Veterans and Veteran families who are homeless and imminently homeless congregate
  • Work with UESF Case Managers re: the referral and screening process
  • Perform reporting, filing and clerical duties as needed.
  • Perform other duties as needed.

Housing Stabilization Approach
Given that an essential component of UESF’s mission is to provide housing stabilization services to low-income families, the Veteran Engagement Partner is expected to and required to coordinate the services of UESF programs and services outside of UESF for the benefit of clients’ housing stability.

Coordination with and assistance to other UESF programs
The size and nature of UESF requires that all staff work cooperatively and as part of a team. All staff is expected to perform and contribute as needed. When necessary, at the discretion of the Program Director or Executive Director, staff will be expected to and required to perform any other duties as needed and as directed by the Program Director or Executive Director.

This position requires interest in nonprofit organizations; ability to work well and in a professional manner with others; ability to handle sensitive organizational information with discretion; and the ability to treat coworkers, clients and partners with professionalism and respect.

In addition, the position requires a high school diploma or beyond, veteran engagement experience regarding services to low-income Veterans and Veteran families, a valid PA driver’s license and knowledge of the location of homeless veterans in the City of Philadelphia. Any acceptable combination of education and experience would be considered as satisfying these requirements.

This job description may be revised at any time at the discretion of the UESF Executive Director

To Apply
Send resume and cover letter to and CC, please put the job title in the subject line.