About UESF

iStock_000009110659LargeUESF is committed to a holistic, preventive, and cost-efficient approach to assisting vulnerable families impacted by housing crises. We are a one-stop shop that offers immediate resources and empowers families to address the root causes of their utility and housing crisis.

Established in 1983, UESF focused exclusively on providing emergency utility assistance for our first 26 years. This financial aid, delivered through utility grants, helped families facing utility shut-offs remain in their homes. The program continues today. Every dollar provided is matched by our utility partners, doubling our impact.

In recent years, UESF has come to see utility assistance as part of a larger housing stability issue. We’ve expanded our programs to address broader housing challenges facing low-income families. This allows us to focus on a more comprehensive goal: housing stabilization.

As part of our housing stabilization strategy, we partner with multiple community organizations and seek all resources available to help keep families in their homes.