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UESF Awarded Grant to Expand our Shelter to Permanent Program

(May 22, 2019) Utility Emergency Services Fund (UESF) continues to innovate in their approach to providing a path out of Philadelphia’s homeless shelters. UESF has been working with the City of Philadelphia’s Office of Homeless Services to eliminate utility arrearages enabling Philadelphians to exit the shelters and find permanent housing. Through a generous award of $25,000 from The Cosmopolitan Club of Philadelphia Giving Circle’s donor-advised fund at the Philadelphia Foundation, UESF is expanding its Shelter to Permanent housing work by providing security deposits to single woman families coming out of the Philadelphia Shelter System allowing the families to enter permanent housing.

The lack of funds for security deposits to move into a property has been an on-going obstacle for many families coming out of the shelter system. Families are not able to move out of shelter in a timely manner causing the city to continue to pay shelter costs for families who otherwise would be able to obtain and sustain their own housing. With these awarded funds we anticipant to help 15-20 families by removing this barrier and help break the cycle of poverty within Philadelphia.

“We’ve been eliminating utility arrearages for Philadelphians, a barrier for permanent housing,” said John Rowe, UESF Executive Director. “Due to the generosity of the Cosmopolitan Club’s Giving Circle, families are empowered to leave the shelter system and continue on the path to self-sufficiency.”

If you are in need of assistance or are an organization interested in referring participants to UESF, you can contact UESF’s Main number at (215) 972-5170. We offer services in many areas such as; families with children in the Philadelphia School district, Veterans, Veteran ex-offenders, workforce development, utility assistance, PA CareerLink® participants, and households with high water usage.

About UESF: Established in 1983 as the City’s go to organization for emergency utility assistance, UESF has since expanded its focus to address the broader housing issues facing low income Philadelphians. Today, UESF manages 8 housing stabilization-focused programs, and serves nearly 7000 families annually with nearly $3 million in housing assistance—to keep families in their homes.  

About The Cosmopolitan Club: The Cosmopolitan Club of Philadelphia, a private women’s club, enriches the lives of its members by providing opportunities to cultivate friendships, exchange ideas, and enjoy interesting programs.  Founded in 2016, The Cosmopolitan Club of Philadelphia Giving Circle demonstrates the power of collective philanthropy through its grants to not-for-profit organizations that improve the life circumstances of women and children in the community.