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What is UESF?

You might start seeing these UESF hats all over Philly and wonder What is UESF?

Just imagine your car breaks down. You have a choice to get your car fixed or pay your electric bill. You choose to get your car fixed since you need it to get to work. A few months go by and your still behind on your electric bill and you receive a shut off notice. So what do you do? 

UESF can help pay your utility bill and get you back on track but it doesn’t stop there. We can also help you get to long-term stability through case management, education and resources so this does not happen again.

This is just one of the stories that UESF comes across on a daily basis; there are so many other scenarios. We offer a variety of services like helping homeless Veterans find a home to assisting families with childcare so they can go to work. #WhatIsUESF